KEMAICO & MAXDRILL 2011 Annual Meeting 

On Dec 30-31, 2011, KEMAICO & MAXDRILL holds its annual meeting in Golden Sea Snow mountain Resorts.
Having its roots in the mining industry, Maxdrill is a master of drilling in the most challenging rock types. Even so, the company continues its drive to utilize the experience of the end users to develop even better products using the best materials and high precision manufacturing processes. A global dealer network guarantees that even the smallest countries receive the best customer service available. More holes at a better value for the customer has always been the driving force of Maxdrill Rock tools.

Since its establishment, the value of Maxdrill has been “Thankful, Altruism, Honest and Develop”. Maxdrill Rock tools develops high-quality drill bits for professionals worldwide and exports its products to more than 50 countries. Mining, quarrying and construction customers drive the company's strategy. Maxdrill rock drilling tools are well-known to mining and construction customers all over the world. The company is committed to build itself a vigorous company for progress and development of human society.


Expanded Training, we are cooperative and pull together, Take strength from meeting the challenges, and move ahead.Strike up the drum and march courageously!

Looking back at the past, the year of the 2011 is unforgettable to everyone of us, it gives us hope, harvest, and the most important is to give us growing experience. Business boomed and within several years, the company’s turnover was increased. Looking ahead, We firmly believe that China’s economy is in the ascendancy, and with the continuous development of the company, the scale will be gradually enlarged. The business which wishes to wish us from the bottom of the heart continues make rapid progress and creates brilliancy again!


CME 2012 will be Perth’s premier industry event in 2012 for the Construction and Mining equipment and allied industries. Located at the prestigious Sandalford Estate, Swan Valley, Perth creates a magnificent backdrop to this important industry event and provides an added incentive for your key customers to attend.

Time: March 15 - 17, 2012

Address: at the Sandalford Estate, Swan Valley Perth, Western Australia.

Booth: Indoor Floor, No. A17



MAXDRILL & KEMAICO are exhibiting at the 12th China Xiamen International Stone Fair-the best international souring way ,held in Xiamen China. Please come to see our new range of products and discuss how we can meet your sourcing needs.

Date:March 6-9, 2012

Venue:Xiamen international conference & exhibition center, Xiamen city, China

Our Booth:Hall K,   No. 043





2011.10.29 MAXDRILL Rock tools held the 2011-2012 annual product quality conference. Including senior executive, head of department and First-Line production workers participate in the meetings. And the topic is how to cooperate with production department, work together for the through put and quality. All products have to go through several checks in the whole manufacturing process.

The CEO emphasize that It is the most important to increase the product quality and ensure the establishment of prestige and quality of products in the coming 2012 year. We have self-contained, crafts advanced detection means complete, and a sound quality assurance system, stable and reliable product quality.

Maxdrill Rock Tools serves a broad range of rock drilling product quality demands by using high quality innovative materials, outstanding machining expertise.


MAXDRILL ROCK TOOLS CO.,LTD was founded in 2005. Now a few years went by, World changes, and so does MAXDRILL . In year 2011 the business was booming, and the space was really running short. Due to the extremely fast growth rate MAXDRILL needed to look to the future and start thinking of a factory extension. During more quiet market situation gave a chance to improve the processes, and also the property. As a result, a new beautiful factory was up and running in 2011, ready to face the fast growing demand.



ISO 9001:2008 granted to maxdrill!
Maxdrill Rock Tools Co.,Ltd. has upgraded the quality system to meet the ISO9001:2008 standard. The certificate was granted in 15th of Dec 2009.

Maxdrill Rock tools is has proved the quality of the products and the processes among its customers worldwide. ISO9001:2008 is the latest version of the most respected and the best known quality standard in the world. Therefore Maxdrill has selected it to assure also all the new customers that meets all the highest standards.

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