Taper Drilling Tools
Taper Drill Rod

Taper Drill Rod

Taper drill rod is used for rock drilling, blasting holes and other drilling works in the quarries, coal mines, traffic and other contractions. It works with taper drill bits and has different length for various applications, our taper drill rods come in a variety of taper angles, generally, the light duty rock drill usually use 7 taper or smaller taper angle, the heavy duty rock drill mainly use 11、12 taper angle. And the basic theory is that taper drill rods and taper drill bits must be in the same tapered degree. We provide tapered rods in a full range of shank configurations and steel hex diameters for hand-held pneumatic drilling needs.
(1)Steel grade: 95CrMo equivalent to SANDBAR    20 or C253, 55SiMnMo
(2)Shank size: hex.22mm×108mm , hex.22mm×159mm,hex.22mm×80mm,hex.25mm×108mm. hex.25mm×159mm
(3)Taper:4°46′,6,7 ,11,12 degree etc                                                                          
(4)Length: 0.4m-10m
(5)Package: in wooden case or in bundles.
(6)Productivity: 50000MT / month
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