Plug Hole Rod
Plug Hole Drill Rod

Plug Hole Rod

The plug hole integral rock rod is widely used in stone pit field to drill small holes. Because of the integration of the rods and bits, the rock rod can be matched directly with rock drills without shank adapter or coupling sleeve, these advantages avoid the wastage of energy, and improve the drilling efficiency remarkably.
(1)Steel grade: 95CrMo equivalent to SANDBAR 20 or C253, 55SiMnMo
(2)Shank size: hex.22mm×108mm , hex.22mm×159mm, hex.22mm×80mmhex.25mm×108mm. hex.25mm×159mm
(3)Head Diameter: 24mm-44mm
(4)Length: 150mm - 800mm
(5)Package: in wooden case or in bundles
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